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Need Help?  Questions?

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Here are the questions we answer most often:

  1. Does OBDCOM work on MY car or truck?
    Is your vehicle a 1996 to 2020 model?
    If you answered "yes", then OBDCOM works on your vehicle.
    However, if you have a commercial diesel truck, please see #8.  Cars that have no engine (Leaf and Tesla) are not compatible, since OBDCOM is for engine diagnostics.  Here is a list of vehicle brands that OBDCOM works on.
    Some 1995 vehicles are also compatible.  Email us the year/make/model and we can tell you.

  2. Are there software updates?  Are they free?
    Yes, software updates are free.  Customers are given access a download page to update the software.

  3. Do I need any extra cables or adapters?  
    You do not need anything extra for ANY car.   OBDCOM plugs directly
    into all vehicles, into the standard OBD2 socket found on all vehicles
    that are 1996 or newer.

  4. Where is the OBD socket on my vehicle?  
    It is under the driver's side dashboard on 99% of vehicles.  Look carefully with a flashlight.  There may be a cover over it that is easily removed by hand.  Often the socket is near the hood release.  On a few cars, the socket is in the center console with a cover over it.   On a few it is hidden behind the coin box or behind the ash tray.  If you have looked in all these places and have trouble finding it, just send us an email with the year/make/model car, and we can tell you where it is.

  5. Does OBDCOM read and clear all trouble codes?  
    Yes, it reads and clears all trouble codes for Engine, Emissions systems, and Powertrain, including "generic" and manufacturer-specific codes.

  6. Does OBDCOM work on a BMW?
    Yes, OBDCOM works on ALL 1996 and newer BMWs.  You do not need any adapters or special cables.  The OBD diagnostic connector is under the driver's dash or in the center console on BMWs.  It may have a cover over it.  Check near the hood release.  On some 7-series it is next to the cupholder with a cover over it.  On the Z3 it is near the passenger's left knee.  It is not the one under the hood.  If you have trouble finding it, please email us the year/make/model.

  7. What diagnostic protocols does OBDCOM support?  
    Really you don't have to worry about this, because it works on all vehicles automatically.  OBDCOM supports ALL protocols:  ISO15765-4 (CAN), ISO14230-4 (KWP2000), ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM. 

  8. Does OBDCOM work on Commercial / Diesel Trucks?
    A vehicle with GVWR over 8500 pounds is considered "commercial" and it does not have to be compatible with OBD2 diagnostics.  However, most of these vehicles are compatible anyway.  You can find the GVWR on the driver's side door jamb sticker.  If it is under 8500, then there is no problem, it will work.  So far the feedback from customers on their Dodge diesels and Ford 6.0, 6.4, 6.7 diesels and GM Duramax diesels is positive - they were compatible for code reading, clearing and some basic real-time data.  All of the gasoline engine ones have been compatible.  The 7.3 liter Ford diesel appears to be not compatible.   Dodge Sprinters are reported as not compatible.  There is no harm in trying it on a vehicle that has the correct OBDII socket, and if you're not satisfied with how it works for you for any reason, we'll take the tool back for a full refund.

  9. Does it work on Diesel CARS?   Yes OBDCOM works on diesel cars.

  10. Does it work on LEAF or TESLA?  
    No, those cars do not have an engine, and OBDCOM is for engine diagnostics.

  11. Do I need the Laptop when using OBDCOM?
    Yes, the OBDCOM must be plugged into the laptop while you use it on the car.

  12. Do I need internet or wireless on my laptop while using the tool?
    No, you do not need any internet or wireless connection while using the tool.

  13. Can I use a Netbook or Notebook without a CD drive? 
    Yes, We'll give you a download link.  OBDCOM works on netbooks and notebooks running Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

  14. Does OBDCOM work in Windows 10,  Windows 8,  8.1?   YES
    Does OBDCOM work with Windows 7 ?    Yes, also XP,Vista,2000,98.

  15. Does OBDCOM work with Microsoft Surface?
    It works with Surface PRO, but it does NOT work with Surface RT.

  16. Does OBDCOM work with "CAN" vehicles?  
    Yes OBDCOM supports CAN, and all other OBD2 protocols too.

  17. Will you help me if I can't get it to work?
    Yes, we are here 7 days a week to help you use your OBDCOM system.  Also be sure to see the "HELP" tips (further down this list in RED).

  18. Can I use OBDCOM outside the United States & Canada?
    Usually yes.  However many vehicles sold outside the US and Canada might not be using the same diagnostic standards so those may be not compatible.  Please see the "other countries" link on the Buy page for more details.  The newer the vehicle, the more likely it works, since newer vehicles are all using the same diagnostics.

  19. Can it program Keys, Fobs, security system or radio code?  No.

  20. Does it diagnose Airbags or ABS or TPMS or ESP, DSC?  It does not diagnose, read, clear, or program the Airbag, ABS, TPMS or any stability or traction control systems.  OBDCOM is for engine diagnostics.

  21. How many vehicles can I use OBDCOM on?   OBDCOM works on UNLIMITED vehicles.  There is no limit to the number of vehicles you can use it on.

  22. How many different laptops can I use OBDCOM with?
    There is no limit.  You can use OBDCOM on all of them, even your friend's laptop.

  23. Do I have to pay for a subscription? 
    No. You buy the OBDCOM just once, and use it "forever", free of charge.

  24. How often can I use OBDCOM?   You can use it as often as you want.  There are no limits, no time limits, no usage limits whatsoever.

  25. What's the WARRANTY on OBDCOM?   The standard warranty is one year.  On the 'Buy' page there's an option to extend the warranty.  We cover 100% parts and labor for the length of the warranty.  Please contact us for assistance or return authorization before sending anything back.

  26. Can I use this with MacOS or Linux?   Our customers report that OBDCOM works well with VMware, Parallels, BootCamp, VirtualBox, and Wine in MacOS and Linux.  If those do not sound familiar, then you may not find it easy to install on your Mac or Linux computer.  Please note that these are not "officially" supported platforms, but feedback from our customers who know how to use those virtual environments has been very positive.

  27. Where are you located?  We're located in central Virginia, United States.  We do all of our operations, sales, technical support, and shipping right from here.

  28. Can I send it back if I don't like it?  
    Of course, we have a no-hassle 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  29. Will you help me to understand trouble codes?   Yes, for your own personal and family's vehicles, we can offer some tips and direct you to some online resources for information.  You may email us the trouble codes from your car and the year/make/model.  Include your full name that was used on the original order.  We only provide this to customers who have purchased the OBDCOM, so we need to be able to identify you.  This is only for your personal vehicles, not for vehicles that come into your business repair shop.  Please understand that the response to this sort of question may take some time.

    Please download the latest drivers here:  http://www.obdcom.com/drivers
    Those drivers work in all versions of windows, including Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8. That should solve any drivers problems.  The next step is to test it on the car.  If you misplaced the software install CD, see below.

    Please see our new troubleshooting guide:  http://www.obdcom.com/help
    That will solve 99% of problems.  If you continue to have trouble, please contact us.

  32. LOST SOFTWARE CD.  Please email us your full name and contact information that was used on your original order so that we can locate you in our records quickly.  We will then direct you to the information you need to install the software.

  33. SHIPPING:  Can we ship overnight or next day?  Sorry, we only ship by postal first class mail, which takes 3 to 4 days in transit, and includes Saturday delivery.  So, you should expect delivery in 3 to 4 days.  99% of all orders ship the next morning after the order is placed.  If there is a problem with your address or billing information or contact information, that will cause a delay that is beyond our control, as will adverse weather conditions.

  34. SHIPPING SCHEDULE:  How are the days counted?  Suppose you ordered on Sunday.  Normally this order will ship Monday morning.  Tuesday would be day #1, Wednesday is day #2, Thursday is day #3, Friday is day #4.  Therefore a Sunday order should be expected to arrive on Thursday or Friday.  BUT, the US Postal service does not guarantee delivery times.  Weather and holidays can cause unexpected delays, especially in the winter.

  35. Why is this so affordable?
    We do everything in-house and sell direct - no middleman, no dealers.

If you did not find the answers here, please

Please always include your full name
and your questions in your email.

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