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Why choose OBDCOM?

OBDCOM is one tool that checks all of your 1996-2015 cars.
7 DAYS/WEEK support. 
Need help Sunday afternoon?  We are here!
Best Quality Control.  Every tool is tested.  No-hassle Warranty.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Use OBDCOM on UNLIMITED vehicles, and as often as you like.
NO limits on use and NO subscription charges.

We offer two convenient options: 
1)  Hand-held tool with its own built-in screen plugs directly into the car.
   2)  Laptop-based interface that connects your laptop to your car.

Hand-held OBDCOM diagnostic tool for all
of your 1996-2015 cars and trucks. 
You can have all the support and features,

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about our all-new hand-held tool.

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Laptop-Based OBDCOM diagnostic system for 1996-2015 cars and trucks.  All displays are on your laptop, with ability to display gauges of sensor readings or log data continuously to a file on the laptop.


Full featured OBDCOM software
and free updates are included.

As always, 7 days/week technical support.

Sale! $87.95  FREE SHIPPING

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our Laptop-based tool


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